Arizona RV Inspector


Level II NRVIA Inspector Robert Correa

Robert Correa’s Background

Robert Correa served for 29.5 years in the Army before becoming an RV inspector.

He served as an infantryman, military intelligence, and logistics. In each area of responsibility he trained, mentored, and supervised Soldiers under his leadership. Additionally, he served as a senior leader in various commands managing or supervising others. In all, the military has more than prepared him to utilize his experience to serve his community.

Robert Correa, one of our RV inspectors, on the roof of an rv doing an inspection

Robert Correa’s Certifications

Robert takes his job as an RV inspector very seriously. He knows that he’s the only one standing between you and purchasing a lemon. Therefore, he’s fully committed himself to becoming as knowledgeable as possible about RVs and the RV industry. He also plans to remain up-to-date by taking continuing education courses. 

National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association NRVIA Logo

His certifications include:

  • Arizona RV Inspector’s License #3098
  • RV Fundamentals RVTF200/INSP 200
  • Registered RV Service Technician
  • Certificate of Completion for RV Inspectors Program
  • Certificate of NRVIA Membership

Why Did Robert Become an RV Inspector?

Robert decided to become an RV inspector because of his love of camping. He’s been an RV owner for a long time and has always been interested in a variety of RVs. He met someone in the industry, and they recommended he look into RV Inspections and told him it’d be a great fit due to his extensive attention to detail and love of RVs.

Robert Correa, one of our RV inspectors, on the roof of an rv doing an inspection

Industry Tools

Robert uses some specialized industry tools to help him conduct a thorough inspection. These include:

Aerial Drone Photography

When it’s time to take a good look at your roof, nothing can beat an aerial drone! This allows your inspector to stay safely on the ground, while still carefully inspecting the roof.

360-Degree Camera

This camera can capture everything within a 360-degree angle. It’s also good for getting into tiny spaces that you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.

Gas Leak Detector

Make sure that your appliances are in good shape with our gas leak detector This detector can determine if there’s a small leak that you can’t even smell yet.

Robert’s Off-Time

When he’s not inspecting RVs, Robert enjoys RV camping, riding motorcycles, music, family time, and barbecuing.